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Sharol Lang, one of the original founders of The Foreclosure Company, Inc., began working in the title industry in the 1960s. She spent many years in the Title Department, then moved on to the Foreclosure Department within the title company. She and her former business partner felt there was a need for focused foreclosure services and established The Foreclosure Company, Inc., in April of 1980.

Throughout the years we have dealt with many complex foreclosures, including Notes secured by multiple properties, Notes with several Beneficiaries, partial interest Deeds of Trust, vacant land and commercial properties. We have established many long-term business relationships and are proud that the majority of our clients are referrals. We have the experience to help you and will tailor service to your situation.

So how much will the foreclosure cost?    The foreclosure fee and costs are set by California Civil Code and are in 3 stages. The first stage is after the recorded Notice of Default is mailed. The second stage is after the Notice of Trustee's Sale is mailed, The last stage is after a Trustee's Sale auction has been conducted. If the Trustee's Sale is conducted, the foreclosure fee is 1% of the unpaid Principal balance. Before an auction the Trustee/foreclosure fee is a fraction of 1%. As the foreclosure process moves forward there are several additional costs which are outside of our company, such as the Trustee's Sale Guarantee Report, recording costs, mailings, Notice of Trustee's Sale publication costs and posting fees. For this reason it is difficult to give a "ballpark estimate". However, we are happy to provide you with an estimate of the foreclosure fees at each stage. We will need to know the unpaid Principal balance and where the property is located.

Since no two foreclosures are the same, it's best to contact us to discuss the specifics of your foreclosure needs. You can reach us by phone at (408) 374-7204, by fax at (408) 374-7206 or you can email us at TheForeclosureCo@gmail.com. Our office is located at 827 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95060. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We DO NOT have a detailed listing of the properties in foreclosure. We never have and do not plan to, for various reasons: most importantly there are many privacy issues related to discussing someone's personal financial information.